Do you know Biwako? (lake Biwa)

Hello- 😀

I got my wisdom tooth removed recently…so pain ;(

It has been started rainy season in Kyoto. it’s humid season.

Today I’ll introduce my hometown, Shiga prefecture (滋賀).

It is located next to Kyoto. It has the biggest lake (lake biwa) in Japan. but sometime people from kyoto look down our town ;(

When we got this situation, we usually reply to kyoto people that “shut up! or we will stop supplying water from lake! ”  😀

That siga, but I like my town and lake.

By the way, it is little know about how close Kyoto and Shiga

If you take train from JR kyoto station, you can arrive our hometown at 10 minutes. 200yen.

My recommend route is from “Keihan- sanjo station” (京阪三条駅) to ”Hama otsu”(浜大津).

You can see lake view when you get off at “Hama otsu”

After get off station, you will find large lake and silence park along lake.


Some parks has beautiful flowers like this.

By the way, there is cruising ship in this lake called “Michigan”

When we are elementally students in Shiga, we had experienced cruising study. 🙂

I know, some countries have more more big lakes! but if you are tired crowded people in Kyoto, how about going to shiga and take a break near the lake? ;D


Thank you for your reading

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