Making book shelf :D

Hello~ 晩安~

I’m making improvement in our guest house recently.

There iiiiiis here!

Book shelf in our living room.  It had been kept books stacking for 2 over years .

Wasting space!

Now I bring my books there, So I would like to show my recommendation.

When you visit our living room, please take reading time 🙂

よつばと! ”Yo tu ba to”(Chinese version)

This manga is translated Chinese from Japanese.

I’ve always wanted to put Manga with other language.

By the way, this manga was bought by our taiwan staff “Haku” in Taiwan 😀

Thank you so much!


How to Take a Japanese Bath

This book is guide book how to take Japanese bath (public bath ) with funny illustration.

There are over 200 public bathes in Kyoto!

If you find public bath, please try it after reading this!

The Cafe’s interior at KANSAI

This book is photo book for interior at cafe, coffee shop.

Kyoto has old coffee shop. their style is also different each other.

If you take relax with coffee, how about going to old coffee shop?

And so on,, now I’m choosing books ;D

After reading, please return~~!

Thank you for your reading

Kyoto guest house RAKUZA

Manager: Yuki

Reservation page is here

※Small tweet

My sister send a massage “I bought SNES-classic“!.

I wanna, I wanna play Street fighter Ⅱ…!!!


早安~ 我是勇貴。 我是店舗的店長。

我学习汉语. (中国語勉強中です。がんばりまーす。)

















Newcomer has come!


Spring had come, and gone.. This season, I went to see the cherry blossom only one time!

Because I had taught new staff 🙂

I’ll introduce our new staff !


1st staff is “Ino- chan”

She always welcome you with her smile 😀

She will graduate next year. and she already got job (hotel staff !)  She must be a good staff!


2nd staff is “Manamin”

She is looked cool, but she is the person of activity

She went to Italy because of reading some Manga! Next year she will go to Australia to study abroad. Good luck 😉

Recently she liked movie like 『The Texas Chainsaw Massacre』 ! If you like movie, please talk about it.


Anyway, now we are 4 staffs including me.

We are waiting for you visit in Kyoto!